Exodus From Darkness

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Available in both English and Farsi
'The House I Left Behind - A journey from Islam to Christ'. Daniel's autobiography.
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Bible Gateway is an exciting website where you can view the Bible in many languages and in different translations.  For your convenience, we have added links to the Bible in the following common languages.  There are more languages and versions available at BibleGateway.com



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Daniel's TestimonyThis is the amazing story of Jesus' love to an extremist Muslim.  It shows how this radical Muslim and teacher of Islam was met by Jesus.  Daniel speaks of how Jesus came into every aspect of his life and changed him.


Islam and the Son of God Book CoverIslam and the Son of God" is a significant book for all people who share a love of God’s kingdom and of Gods blueprint for Peace through Jesus Christ.  This book represents the thinking and feelings of a man who has seen and experienced the diverse cultural, religious and political landscapes of both the middle-eastern world and the west.  As a result the book provides us with a valuable perspective from one who is qualified to speak by the very nature of his personal journey.   "Islam and the Son of God" compares the Qur'an and the Bible in its applicability in every dimension of life; spiritually, morally, socially and politically, and proves that the difference between these two books is the "Son", our Lord Jesus Christ.


"The House I Left BehindIslam The House I Left Behind Book Cover" (Revised Edition) is a fascinating story and a beautifully written account of Dr. Daniel Shayesteh's life journey from Islam to Christ. It is extremely touching, captivating and poetic in many areas. The color he has added in painting a picture of Iran, its cultural richness, its clash with Islamic culture is all a wealth of education and awakening for the world. His life journey is an ordained life journey that takes him through the cultures, religions and philosophies of the world and eventually establishes him in a house made by the hands of God.


christ_above_allThis book covers the following:

- Why people embrace a religion and how to evaluate the genuineness of religion.
- A concise description of the world's major religions and their 'gods'.
- Questions and answers about these major religions compared to Christianity.
- The origin of sin and man's destiny according to the world's major religions.
- God's justice & salvation.

Using textual evidence, "Christ above all gods" proves the superiority of Christ to all other gods.