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'The House I Left Behind - A journey from Islam to Christ'. Daniel's autobiography.
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Watch Daniel Share the Vision of the Reachout Project's First Phase

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The 'Reachout Project' needs your support ...

To my dear EFD Friends, Supporters, and any Christian that cares for the salvation of Muslims.

There is a thirst for Christ among Muslims! Many young Muslims who have seen a little of Islam and who also have access to western media are feeling exhausted and are searching for an alternative; they want to invest their lives for freedom and peace.

Imagine what life is like for those Muslims who live in strict Islamic countries like Iran or Afghanistan, where freedom is called evil and a product of the West. As a result many young people are thirsty for freedom and desperate for a radical solution that will turn their painful lives around. I thank Jesus that he is using me to respond to this deep thirst. The new ‘Reachout Project’ will enable me to do more broadcasts in Farsi (Persian), Arabic, Turkish and 9 other dominate languages that Muslims speak throughout the world.

By responding to this deep thirst, through producing TV broadcasts that share my testimony and teachings about Jesus, we can touch their hearts and lead them to an everlasting freedom in Christ. We teach that unless a person becomes free in his or her heart from sin, they will not be able to be free in life and in relationship with others. Freedom begins in the heart, flourishing into every other dimension of life.

Let me tell you some stories that show why the ‘Reachout Project’ is so important. A young man, whose family lost a great deal under the rule and terrorism of the Taliban (a Sunni group in Afghanistan), was able to escape to Iran. He soon discovered that what the Taliban performed in the name of Islam was also taught and performed by the Islamic Government in Iran.

He realized that Islam’s goal was not to grant confidence, peace or freedom to people. Rather Islam’s goal was to interfere in every affair of their lives and to rid them of their freedom of choice. One day when he was feeling disappointed with his life and every other thing, he turned on his TV and randomly listened to one of our TV presentations. He was amazed to hear from us that the God of the Bible values human freedom and does not impose Himself on His creation. To make a long story short, I can tell you that he left Iran in order to find a better quality of life. He finally met a Christian group, read the Gospel of Christ and gave his life to the Lord.

Another man, 33 years of age, called our live TV program from Iran and shared with us his frustration as a practicing Muslim. He was a committed Muslim because of the pressure placed on him by his father, as is often the case in Islamic countries. He told us that he has been praying to Allah for years but has not been allowed to express his needs and desires to Allah in his own mother language (Farsi). Rather it is compulsory to recite the Islamic daily prayers in Arabic only. He said that the years of conversations between him and his god had not been intimate as he and his god did not understand each other. “Do you understand how frustrated I am since my god hates my mother language and I am not able to express myself to him in the language I know?” he said. He began to cry and said, “I see that you call your God your Father; He calls you His children and you and your God communicate in your mother language; what an intimate relationship! I desire for such an understandable conversation with God. Is this a good time for me to give my heart to Jesus and overcome my frustration and disappointment?” While we were all crying in the studio, we asked him to repeat a prayer of confession in Christ with us. He did and gave his heart to the Lord. The joy of his salvation filled our program and millions of Muslims in the world heard his testimony.

For the cause of our ministry, we have exposed ourselves to the various threats of Islamists throughout the world. Yet we are very joyful in our hearts that Jesus has given us this opportunity to lead Muslims to His Kingdom. For this reason, we ask you to take steps of faith with us, to continue partnering alongside us and rejoicing with us in this amazing ministry for God’s glory.

Daniel Shayesteh

What is the 'Reachout Project'?

I am sure that many of you have been blessed, inspired and encouraged through hearing Daniel's powerful testimony to Jesus.
As a result, many of us have felt a deep desire for others to have the opportunity to hear his story - we can see how Daniel’s testimony and God inspired teaching has the potential, with God’s power and blessing, to transform the lives of Muslims around the world.
Knowing that God is calling us to pursue this potential, you’ll be excited to hear that Exodus From Darkness, with assistance from you and other supporters, has begun work on a NEW project - the ‘Reachout Project’.

The goal of this project is simple. We want people from Daniel’s own cultural and Muslim background to have easy access to Daniel’s testimony and teaching in their own language.

As we have shared with you in recent EFD Newsletters, EFD now has access to a modest video recording studio, including a production team. This means we can now record our own media content and programs for EFD to distribute around the world, including the Middle East, Asia and Africa, through multiple channels. Reaching this milestone for Exodus From Darkness has been made possible through your prayers and financial support over many years. Thank you!

EFD is much larger than Daniel Shayesteh. It absolutely includes the network of people who rally behind Daniel. Our ability to move forward is very much linked to the involvement of our supporters. In fact for this very reason we hope and trust you can see the enormous importance each contributor plays in assisting us to undertake our evangelistic and kingdom roles. We want you to know that each individual contributor is so precious to the Lord AND to us.

First things first …

The first video Daniel plans to produce is an urgent one. For a long time Daniel has wanted to make a professional video recording of his testimony in Farsi (Persian) for open broadcasting and distribution around the world. Over 110 million people are native speakers of Farsi (or similar dialects), living mostly in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. And of course, many of these people also live in our own communities.

Daniel will also be recording a further 20 Farsi teaching episodes. These episodes will be deeply sensitive to the cultural context of these nations and people groups.

For example, Daniel will reach out to them by revealing God’s witness to Jesus as recorded by their own much loved poets. He will also highlight the enlightened attitude of Persia’s ancient kings towards religious toleration and openness. In particular, he will talk about King Cyrus and King Darius who were both moved by God to play a powerful role in helping the Jews as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible.

But this exciting project is not limited to just the Farsi Language. Phase 1 of the project consists of Daniel’s testimony and 20 teaching videos in Farsi, Arabic and Turkish. The audio of these videos will also be available via audio podcasts for internet download. Daniel’s books will be translated into each of these languages for distribution and will be created in audio books in each of these languages to be shared with the world via the internet for those who are not able to read. The Exodus From Darkness website will also be created in each of these languages.

Phase 2 of the ‘Reachout Project’ consists of creating the same language specific products that were created in Phase 1 for nine additional dominate world languages that cover the vast majority of the Muslim world. Our hope is that these testimony and teaching media products open the door to Christ for many throughout the world who are thirsty for His redemptive offer of salvation.

Resources needed …

The ‘Reachout Project’ will require significant financial investment in the days and months ahead. Every episode will cost around $2,800 to produce. This figure includes the cost of Daniel's time and expenses. This means the videos for one language of the ‘Reachout Project’, envisaged to be around 21 episodes, will cost around $59,000 to produce, over and above the regular costs of operating our ministry in North America and Australia. The additional costs for the translation of the other Exodus From Darkness products for worldwide distribution have additional significant costs for inclusion in the ‘Reachout Project.’

We want to invite you to think and pray about making a donation to Exodus From Darkness to help fund this exciting new chapter in the ministry of Exodus From Darkness.

Sharing the gospel with the Muslim world ...

This work is part of Exodus From Darkness’ ongoing strategy to take the gospel, in a contextually sensitive way, to millions of Muslims.
We all know that one of the greatest and most urgent challenges in the world today is engaging Muslim people in thinking and learning about Jesus and the gospel that makes Him known to the world.

We praise God that Daniel, and the team he is mentoring, have linguistic and cultural backgrounds that help them to engage effectively with Muslims, in ways that aren’t possible for most of us! Furthermore, we have received significant feedback that Daniel’s public political role in Iran during the Iranian Revolution means many Iranian people are greatly interested in hearing what he has to say (as Daniel shares at the beginning of this news update).

We invite you to partner with us to make this project happen ...

The ‘Reachout Project’ is an ideal opportunity for us to show Daniel that we are with him and supporting him both prayerfully and financially.

We encourage you to “invest” in the ‘Reachout Project' using the DONATE page on this website’. We say “invest” because we anticipate a wonderful return on that investment – many lives impacted and transformed by Daniels’ testimony and the living word of God.

“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart” Hebrew 4:12 NKLV

Thank you for your partnership in taking the gospel to millions of people in the Muslim world through the ministry of Exodus From Darkness.

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